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Weekend Roundup...

...it's starting to feel like summer -- just as we thought, it kind of skipped spring and jumped straight to summer. It's not 90s-hot yet, but I believe the high today is supposed to be 80 (and it feels it in the sun).

...it was quite warm (er, hot) for D's flag football game yesterday, which they lost (again). Still, D played quite well, and he had fun.
dev6 (2)

...we had my parents and my brother and his kiddos over for brunch, yesterday. DH cooked the egg/veggie scramble, and I cut up fruit. It was yummy, and after lunch, my parents stuck around for a bit so D could play a game (he *loves* games). I got about 30 minutes to myself, and then it was flag football time.

...my MIL came in for the game, and we went out to eat after that. (A side note: she's a lovely person, but she has interesting 'plans' sometimes. She said she wanted to cook for us -- it was 6:00 -- and when I said no, she was a little put out, I think. But I know from past experience that it would've taken her at least an hour and closer to 2 to prepare something...and we hadn't eaten since brunch.) Anyway, we had some yummy Mexican food along with truly yummy margaritas. :) The kiddos even got to stay up a little later to finish a mah jong game after that.

...I did a little planting on Saturday -- very rare for me. We'll see if it takes, ha.
tiny fleurs (I planted these, some red ones like these, some petunias, and a pansy.)

...I also 'fixed' the doors so the kitty can't scratch the weather stripping. We had particle board nailed in front of the stripping, but he just tore through that. Now we have thicker planks, and I don't think he'll be tearing through those anytime soon -- ha, take that, cat! :D

Today, I hit the trail, despite the warmth. It's a lovely day, thanks to a gentle breeze. Hope it's a good Monday for you! :)



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May. 13th, 2013 08:38 pm (UTC)
Frost advisory in our neighborhood tonight and cool temps in the low 60's, upper 50's during the day.

Didn't know you were a cat lady... the little vermit doesn't get much press ... lol

Heh ... I did the ham and cheese omelet for Sunday breakfast.

Monday has been okay ... my PTist jerked my arm all over the place testing my range... causing me to squeal a few times...but it seems the shoulder is improving.
May. 13th, 2013 11:18 pm (UTC)
The kitty causes much frustration, and he's not very cuddly...so that's probably why he doesn't get mentioned much ;)

Your weather is much cooler than ours (for once). Good for you on cooking! Glad your shoulder is getting better, although it sounds like a painful progress.
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