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Book Reports (115-116)...

For those of you who happened to Google your title and ended up here, please know that one star is not a bad thing in Robin's world -- just the fact that I picked up your book and started it means that somewhere it's getting good buzz (or that your blurb was really cool).

* I didn't make it beyond the first 20 pages.
** I made it to the end, but I either skimmed or skipped large sections.
*** I might have skipped/skimmed, but I liked it and might read it again.
**** I read at least 95% of the book and it was good -- probably will be reread.
***** I read every word, and I loved it! A favorite and definite reread.

This year, I'm only going to list the stars and a brief recommendation for the type of readers I think will enjoy the book [(R) means it's a re-read; [] means it's an ARC].

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Famous Last Words, by Katie Alender -- recommended for those who like YA murder mysteries with a *paranormal element, those who like Hollywood, and those who like quirky teen romances -- Scholastic, 7/15

* I liked the MC here, and I think the paranormal element made her more intriguing and vulnerable. I figured out the killer quite early on, but in some ways, that increased the tension for me.

[13 Minutes, by Sarah Pinborough -- recommended for those who like YA **mind-bender-y suspense, those who like ambiguous MCs, those who like multi-POV narratives, and those who like to see inside the sociopath's mind -- Gollancz, 7/16]

** Inconsistencies in the narration add to the tension in this, and although I'm not a fan of unreliable narrators, suspecting that it was a possibility from the get-go made it much more palatable and even intriguing for me. Although none of the characters are that likable (though Becca was the most sympathetic, imo), I found the novel very engaging.

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