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More impatience...

So I'm now working on my other wip -- and it's closer to being done, believe it or not. Cynthea Liu tiqued my first one, and she had some great comments (not surprisingly), but I'm going to have to give that baby some special attention:) It's not June yet, though, so I could still get both of them done by the end of the month...I think. I love giving myself deadlines like this. I do well with deadlines.

It helps that I'm in two crit groups -- one ms going to each, of course. And I've got two other ideas floating around in my head, dying to find their way to paper. I'm one of those writers who rushes to get the ideas down, then adds and tweaks and adds some the meantime, new ideas start knocking on my imagination, wanting their day too.

I think I've come up with the final titles for the two wips: A Child Shall Lead Them and Five Journeys in Time. Child is the one that's closer to being done -- it's a futuristic fantasy. Five Journeys is a contemporary fantasy. The two bouncing around in my head are fantasy mystery and mannerpunk :) I love when I'm full of ideas! But I do get impatient...sigh. One thing at a time....

It doesn't help that I'm waiting on about eight queries right now -- I feel like the lady in those old commercials -- you know, the 'open, open, open' ones? But my chant is 'call me, call me, call me'...oh, agents, where are you??? :D

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