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Six Random Things Meme...

I've been tagged by brian_ohio, and I suppose I'll do it, just this once (I know, who am I kidding? I love memes on a slow spring day).

Anyway, I get to list six random things about myself and then tag six people, who are supposed to link to my journal if they do it (but I don't care if you link or not) :)

1. I don't own an ipod and I wouldn't be surprised if I never do.

2. I got my hair cut yesterday, and for the first time in many, many years, I was scalped -- seriously, I sat there terrified that she wouldn't stop while I still had hair. Gulp. It'll grow (my mantra now), right?

3. Sometimes I wonder if I was a tree in another life...there's something about those leaves dancing in the breeze or framed against the deep blue sky that just touches my soul.

4. My writing can be ridiculously serious considering that I don't think I am, I?

5. For Mother's Day, I got myself (well, I'm considering it DH's present to me) a bunch of craft items for the summer -- craft items to do with the kiddos. I figure we'll have one day a week that's 'craft day', and hopefully that will give them something to focus on (other than bickering, hehe).

6. I think there's something wrong with me, because I'm actually beginning to look forward to camping this summer (the dirt, the bugs, the cold nights) -- bring it on!

I tag: shaelise, megan_crewe, olmue, sarah_create, fabulousfrock, annewriter, breckinwood, bedazzled2, and anyone who wants to play (because, as you can see, I already can't count, hehe).
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