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Where I Live, Day Three...

We begin today with our neighborhood park -- I have many pictures of the kids playing/riding at the park, shockingly enough, but I thought this one best showed the entire area (facing west). That's my son two years ago, when he was four, first learning to ride his bike.

Notice how brown everything looks...this picture was taken in April, so the leaves aren't quite back yet -- but I think many people don't realize that CO is considered the 'high desert' -- we are brown most of the year. Late May/early June is the greenest time for us, the time when the grasses still hold a hint of green. We were fortunate this year -- the heat didn't hit until a week or so ago, so things just started getting brown in the past few days.

I didn't take the rest of these :) I have many pictures of the Golden Park, as well (also called Lions Park) -- but mine are focused on my kiddos and you can't really see the park, itself. But here's Golden's main street:

The Amazing Race came through Golden a couple years ago, and they showed this sign a few times during that season.

Here's a view of Golden from either our neighborhood or one a little further west -- because it's nestled down in between all these foothills, it really does separate us from the rest of the suburbs; definitely something we love!

And lastly, here's Lion's Park. The brown hill in the background is Lookout Mountain. There's a giant 'M' up there that my dad used to tell me stood for 'Mountain' ;) It's really for the School of Mines, which has its campus in Golden. To the left of the playground (out of the picture) is Clear Creek -- that's a cool little river, and every spring, they set up kayaking games there. College students and older flock to the creek to watch and participate. To the right of the playground is the community center, where both my kiddos had preschool.

We'll be here on Friday, for the 4th. The city council sets up a jumpy castle and other pumped-up games for the kids. There's food and a band or two...and then they'll do the fireworks down there at night. We can almost see the fireworks from our back deck -- but because of the various foothills, we only see the tail end or the really high ones. So we'll have to join the throngs down in the valley ;)
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