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Where I Live, Day Four...

Today I have to tackle the outdoors :) Yes, we live in our house, in our town, in our city. But for my family, many of our strongest memories actually come from the mountains and our time spent there. I started camping as a baby (we have pictures to prove it); and we've been camping with our kiddos since they were quite small -- my daughter was 18 months, in fact. (I'm not quite brave enough to attempt camping with a true crawler.)

So here are some pictures of our adventures in the amazing playground of the CO Rocky Mountains -- some of our hiking experiences -- notice the hats in all the pix...CO has thin air, and if you aren't protected, you get some serious burns! :

We hike in the snow (yes, this was July of last year) -- Lake Brainerd

We hike when we're camping (with other kiddos) -- South Park

We hike around lakes (on a paved path, with Grandpa being silly) -- Lake Dillon

We hike when we're 'injured' (E fell two seconds into the hike, so my dad carried her) -- White Ranch (in Golden)

We hiked before kids (Devil's Causeway -- and no, I didn't go across that was quite narrow and steep, and I'm not a heights person) -- near Steamboat Springs

And we hiked when they were babies (D was 5 months here; we were gathering for a wedding, but three of us had babies; so the guys -- and one wife -- all had packs with kids in them) -- Ridgeway, near Telluride

We hike...well, we just hike :) I could go on and on, but this gives everyone a good view of the possibilities of CO, heh. As you notice in the pix, we often hike with others -- but as DH is a mountain biker, there are many times when it's just me and the kiddos -- and now that they're getting old enough to walk further, I have a feeling we're really just beginning!
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