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Where I Live, Day Six...

I spent the morning today with a good friend who's recovering from surgery. She's my age, but last year she fought breast cancer (and won :D); on Wednesday, she had her reconstruction surgery. She's doing well, and she had an amazing view from her window of the Front Range, which means she'll be able to see the fireworks tonight -- yay! :)

But it certainly made me doubly grateful that I'm able to walk outdoors and enjoy the beauty...right now the breeze is blowing (a warm one), the leaves are dancing -- it's a typical CO summer day, I'd say!

It's time for a seasons' photo array, I believe (inspired by pixiechick_sw's beautiful shots of her street in all seasons. Sadly, I can't be as organized as her, so I won't have the same picture in all seasons -- but I certainly have seasonal shots...beginning with summer, since that's where we are :)

This is near Pawnee Pass, in the Indian Peaks Wilderness area, right above Brainard Lake. We love this area, and I've hiked it many, many times (including with Ellie on my back) -- Pawnee Pass is to the right of this picture, up above timberline. This was taken on a summer evening (before kids)...

Autumn in CO is amazing -- easily my favorite season. I wait for it all year and savor it while the leaves are golden. I shared this last fall, right after I took it -- but it's at Kenosha Pass, taken in September.

Winter is usually very dry down here in on the plains -- it'll snow, but the snow then melts in hours when the sun comes out. Our grasses are brown, brown, brown...but this picture was taken a little over a year ago, when we had record-setting snow in the city (DH was using my FIL's snow-blower -- for the first time).

Spring is a funny season out here -- it's not usually that green until it's almost over; but the weather warms up nicely and flowers will peek out here and there. Snow keeps us from going to high in the mountains, but we're always excited to get out and hike a little around the foothills. This was taken in April as we hiked at White Ranch, in Golden (still wearing sweatshirts; it was around 60 this day).

So there you have it, the seasons in CO :) Tomorrow, for the final day, I'll be posting 'epic' CO shots -- pictures/scenes that, to me, scream CO. Have a great 4th, everyone!
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