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Extroverts and Introverts...

inspired by reading brian_ohio's post today. First, huge kudos to Brian for his ability to be honest!! No wonder he's an awesome writer :)

I love taking those personality tests, and through them, I know I'm an introvert. Do I need the tests to tell me this? Yes, I really do. Because if you met me, if you saw me in a crowd of people, you'd never guess. I'm not the one in the corner inspecting the potted plants...I'm also not the one in the middle telling jokes and drawing huge laughs from the crowd -- I'm somewhere in between. Usually I'm with a small group (four or five), all of us engaged in both talking and listening -- you know, actual conversation.

I love meeting new people, people that I might have heard of (or not) -- because everyone has an interesting story to tell. I definitely believe that, and when I got to conferences or seminars, I have no problems walking up to complete strangers and starting a conversation. DH says this makes me an extrovert. He doesn't enjoy strangers, and when he goes places where he doesn't know anyone, he *is* the one in the corner with the plants ;) (Unless, of course, I'm with him, heh).

BUT -- and here's where it gets interesting (in my mind, at least) -- DH draws energy from large groups of people (when they're familiar people). He can go to a party with a hundred friends and come out of it raring to go, filled with excitement and enthusiasm. I, otoh, am not like that. When I go to parties or conferences (they're one and the same, aren't they? From the descriptions of Conestoga I've been reading, I'd have to draw that conclusion), I have a lot of fun...for a while. But then I need a break. A serious break. A break with absolutely no input from any other person :) And that's where I'd say I'm a true introvert -- being around other people, even people I know, tires me out. It doesn't add to my store of energy -- only being alone will do that.

So what say you? What makes someone a true introvert versus a true extrovert? And where do you fall?
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