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I was twice tagged by juliakarr and here we go with 8 things about me :) I'm supposed to list the rules, but you guys already know I have a hard time with that, right? But if you're in the mood for a meme, definitely consider yourself tagged!

1. I love calendars. Once upon a time, I had one in every room of the house -- but DH asked me to keep it under control, so I'm down to four (heh). I always have one with quotations from famous people, one with national parks or other scenic vistas, one with polar bears (because I have a thing for polar bears -- and that polar bear photographer, Thomas Mangusen...though that's not how you spell his name); and then a blank one (though it also has a small picture) with grids for our actual planning.

2. This will be a shocker, but I also love photography! I started when I was living at home, after college. I was single and completely uninterested in dating (difficult college relationship) -- so I asked for a 35mm for Christmas, and my parents got me a really nice one (a Nikon), along with a couple of different lenses (polarized, wide angle, telephoto); then they encouraged me further by traveling with me to various places for photo shoots.

3. Because of #2, I got to do a little traveling to places I hadn't seen in years (or ever) in those years: San Francisco (I've been there a few times, but when I went with just my parents, it was a very fun and special trip); Jackson Hole (including Grand Teton Park and Yellowstone); Moab; Grand Mesa (which is right here in CO -- but I've only been that one time). I also went to Great Britain during my 20s, but I took a little point-and-shoot camera instead. Still, because of the wonderful evening light there in the summer, I have some spectacular pix :)

4. Everyone in my family has a musical background. My parents met because my dad was considered one of the best clarinetists in s. CA in his my mom signed up to take lessons from him (they had one lesson). My brother played clarinet and piano, getting his Masters in Piano Pedagogy. He also sang and performed in all our high school musicals, usually as the lead singer or dancer. My dad taught choir/orchestra/band for many years, as well -- which means he can play (passably well) all woodwinds, some strings, and some brass. I played viola for a few years and piano for many years. I also sang in various choirs -- but I'm not big on drama (don't really like being someone else, I guess...except in writing, hehe). I *did* play Chava in Fiddler on the Roof in my early 20s. It was fun, but it completely got the acting bug out of me.

5. Hm...I'm running out of new things :) My favorite color is purple -- like dark purple velvet. (I'm big into textures).

6. The only kind of pie I like (other than my mom's apple pie), is cherry.

7. DH likes to play a game in the car where he listens to his radio stations and makes me guess the performer(s). Because of that, I actually know a little bit about heavy metal/hard rock. The groups I can pick out 99% of the time? Rush, Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest, Metallica, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Eric Clapton. And no, I didn't listen to any of these as a teenager. The ones I always miss? Boston, Van Halen, and others whose names I can't even recall ;).

8. My favorite performers? Well, I love classical music, so I'd have to include Rachmaninoff, Berlioz, Prokoffiev, Grieg, Chopin (of course -- piano great), Liszt, and most choral symphonies (Mozart's Requiem, Beethoven's 9th, Mahler's 9th). I also love opera. As for more popular music, I prefer Jewel, Norah Jones, Sarah MacLachlan, Eva Cassiday, Diana Krall -- that type.

Whew -- I made it! If you don't want to play, but have one or two things about you, definitely leave them in the comments :) Have a great Saturday!
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