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It takes a village...

to produce something great. We are all the combination of our life experiences, the people around us, those who love us and offer their support and encouragement -- even the things that we wouldn't choose to be a part of our history. All those things come together and influence us and change how we write and create.

I like jenlibrarian's idea that our creativity shared blesses all of us :) Here are my flowers to add to the pot:

I've been reading some of the hype about Stephanie Meyer's latest book. I haven't read the others, and I most likely won't read this one, either. I find it interesting, however, the very strong responses. Books have been written for years that have similar themes to this one (to the theme those who are most upset about it suggest). I suppose it's worse because these books are so widely read, perhaps. But you know, if my daughter wants to read them someday, I'll still let her. It will be a great opportunity to discuss these ideas with her -- to share my own thoughts about similar situations (*not* the vampire parts, hehe)...and if she does want to read them, I guess that's when I'll have to read them, as well. Because I certainly have even less interest in them now than I did before.

But that's part of my village, part of who I am. I won't be writing books like that -- and I don't need to. Others have taken care of it for me ;)

Just random ponderings on a Sunday morning. Happy day to you all!
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