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Friday Five from juliakarr...

My outstanding school memories:

1. Being told I had to read harder books in 2nd grade (and crying because I wanted to read Dr. Suess like everyone else).

2. Loving my independent math class in 3rd grade...until I hit fractions (adding and subtracting of fractions with different denominators).

3. Having Reading in the school library (which meant doing whatever I wanted for that time every day, heh) rather than in class because the teacher didn't know what to do with me.

4. Taking golf for gym first thing in the morning in 8th grade, and having my toes freeze in the wet grass (I wasn't very good at golf, either).

5. Riding the bus as a senior with my jazz choir group and having a guy I'd never really noticed before rub my head when I had a horrible headache (we ended up dating for a bit after that -- including my senior prom).

There are tons more, of course, but those were the first five that came to mind today -- on a day when my son had his 'assessment' for 30 minutes at school (and that was it -- he's off the rest of the time). His teacher loved how he read his book with so much expression; she also commented that although he's clearly a perfectionist (and then some), he's not as anxious as others she's seen -- what a relief that is to hear!

Have a great weekend -- and share a couple of your favorite school memories :)
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