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Well, the big even was last night. I'm exhausted, even though we got home around 12:45, I couldn't sleep right away, and then I woke up at the usual time.

Reunions are interesting things...and I was in a unique position to observe (I think) because of my marriage. A little background: My dh was a jock who spent his hs years with the 'popular' guys, the football players, those who dated the cheerleaders and 'in' girls. I was a 'geek' who spent my time with other smart kids. I was also in choir -- no sports (well, other than a lame attempt at tennis one year).

We went to our reunion last night as people from two different spheres, and this is what I saw...
*the guy who suffered from 'short man' syndrome who is friendly and chatty with me when we meet during the year (a friend of dh) -- wouldn't even acknowledge my presence at the reunion
*the girl (okay, we're almost 40 -- woman) who was a geek like me going up to various of the popular guys and asking them if they remembered her and telling interesting (translate strange) stories about her experiences with them in hs while they looked at her in shock
*the cheerleader types who are now divorced (or never married) with children flirting with every one of the jocks, regardless of their marital status
*a few stunned faces when they learned that dh and I eventually married (that was fun:)
*and the best? all my friends and acquaintances who are no longer awkward teens but fulfilled, content adults, capable of intelligent, thoughtful conversation!

I had a great time...the family picnic is this afternoon, and I'm hoping the one person I didn't get to see last night will show up for that -- even if she doesn't, how fun to meet the children of those I knew when we were children :)

Oh, the not-so-great moments? when one of dh's friends asked if I was pregnant (ack!!!)...when some woman I don't remember got drunk and spilled her red wine all over my white pants (kid you not)...another woman suggested I use her personal trainer (my goodness, how large do I look, anyway???)....

The best moments? This happened a number of times -- dh finds me in the crowd and says, "There are like ten people looking for you. Where have you been?" -- and hearing, "Wow, you look exactly like you did in hs!" -- and I ask, "How are you?" and they respond, "Really good."
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