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Friday Five...

book style, in honor of kellyrfineman's recent blog series on childhood loves :)

1. Linnets and Valerians, by Elizabeth Goudge -- yep, this is, hands down, my favorite childhood book -- my first love, I guess you could say. It's old-fashioned and probably outdated, but I loved the mixture of adventure, family, magic, and a hint of romance. It's been out of print here and there, but I got my hands on a reprint many years ago (then one of my students, um, borrowed that one) -- now I have a very old copy. Not the one I remember from my childhood, btw, but it works!

2. Those Miller Girls, by Alberta Constant -- She wrote three books about the sisters, all set in Kansas. And they're out of print now, so I don't have my own copy (except of the third one) -- they're pricey :) The older girl always felt overshadowed by the younger, and they're tales of her life and various mishaps -- also with a hint of romance (of course). I read these over and over again as a 7-9 year old.

3. They Loved to Laugh, by Kathryn Worth -- written in the '40s! This had a Little Women feel to it, and I've read it many times. It's about a girl who must go and live with strangers -- a family with five or six boys. She's kind of a prissy girl, so it's a challenge -- and again, there's the romance.

4. Jo Allen's Predicament, by Elisabeth Friermood -- another out of print title. I read as many of Friermood's books as I could find, and I liked all of them. This was probably my favorite, about Jo, who loses her parents at the age of sixteen (or seventeen) and must find a way to support herself and her little sister. She ends up at the World's Fair (though I can't remember what year -- one of the first), and as always, there's a nice romance.

5. The Lost Prince, by Frances Hodgson Burnett -- this was definitely my favorite of her books, though I own and read all of them. But this one had the mystery and the ending to beat all endings :) If you haven't tried it and are a fan of her writing, definitely look it up! Marco is wonderful.

Obviously I loved more than five books growing up -- but these are the lesser known of my loves. Perhaps you've not even heard of the authors before...but they were my companions during elementary school. All of them are historical too (I've always loved historical fiction).

What are a couple of your favorites? Have a great weekend, all!
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