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Revision, hm...

learningtoread had an interesting post today on revisions. I was actually pretty stunned to see all the work she puts into hers -- and those were just the first few steps (I believe). So then I started thinking about my revision process.

Granted, I'm pre-published (hehe), but I do revise, of course. My process? Nothing complicated, that's for sure.

1. Write the first draft (kind of necessary to have something to revise, hehe).
2. Find some gullible ones readers to slog through it.
3. Start it through my crit groups.
4. Print out a hard copy.
5. Go through the hard copy myself, looking for known weaknesses (that would be emotional expression, internal narrative, subtle hints)
6. Get thoughts back from others.
7. Mark those on hard copy, as well.
8. Put it all together on the computer.

Yeah, that's it. Hm...I feel kind of like a student who just discovered her assignment was supposed to be much longer than she realized...scary.

What's your revision process?

Oh, and anyone else like Fringe? I thought it was pretty interesting...a little predictable (especially the love interest and the ending). But I'll still watch next week.
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