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my brain's still spinning -- and I have another class today :)

So far:

* My cold crit was read aloud (that's not happened before), and apparently my ms was requested...I say, 'apparently' because I managed to miss the workshop (oops)

* I got to chat quite a bit with Kristin Nelson, who's very knowledgeable and savvy -- I didn't pitch to her (because I never feel comfortable doing that -- it's more fun to just talk), but it was fun to chat

* Through one of her workshops, which I've attended before, everything suddenly came together on how to write a query. Very strange, I might add, how that works -- 18 months ago, I attended the same workshop and was so confused by the whole thing. Yesterday, it all snapped into place, and now it seems so easy :) (I have to add, I sat beside a woman in the first half of the workshop who was in the same place I'd been 18 months ago...I felt for her, but I couldn't really say, "Oh, don't worry. Someday it'll make sense", hehe).

* In Kristin's earlier workshop on 'Demystifying the YA Market' (which was how I missed the cold crit workshop -- apparently I can't read a schedule, ahem), she used two query letters in her opening -- one of them by megancrewe -- how cool is that?! :)

* Writers are fun (and funny) people :) It's always enjoyable to watch and listen at these things. One lady told me, "Oh, yeah, I've been working on this book for over two years now. It's the first of seven...oh, and the plot catalyst doesn't appear until chapter 8." Hm...isn't that a problem? :)

* I'd say the theme of the weekend was 'conflict' and 'tension' -- and I LOVE the many ways the different presenters offered to ratchett both of those in our stories -- very logical, very do-able :D I can't wait to get started...oh, yeah, I still have my layering workshop (the one I anticipated the most) this morning.

P.S. We were going to play tennis today as part of the big 4-0's foggy, overcast, and very wet. I'm thinking that'll come another day :)

P.P.S. THANK YOU to all of you wonderful, glorious, supportive friends who wished me happy birthday in such a variety of ways. It makes my heart smile :D (and my mouth, of course) -- I'm soooo blessed!!!
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