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I need some insight...

My biggest concern is that Dial requested this based only on a short query -- it could be anything, you know? In fact, when I spent some time working on a different backstory yesterday, I made sure it fit everything I mentioned in my query...that tells me how many options there are for a paragraph summary of a book!

Part of my problem is that I don't know how long it will take to totally rewrite -- and how good will it be? Will it be rushed? So new plan: below are two brief descriptions of the book -- which one is more interesting to you? Be honest, and be specific -- and please vote!

#1: Five teens travel to a Temple that is said to hold treasure. Each needs the treasure for different reasons for their country, but none of them realize there will be five of them -- each holds a key, but the keys are all different. They travel together once they meet up because there's a Battle raging in the Forest -- a Battle that is more like a game between the countries. The 'losers' aren't killed -- they're 'reassigned' to the winning country, and their memories are erased. Two of the teens didn't know of this policy, adding to the conflict between the group. When they reach the Temple (which takes some time and unification to enter), they discover that the 'treasure' is really a mystical message telling them they must find peace between their peoples before a disaster strikes the they have to return to their leaders and convince them to put aside their own desires and fight for the good of all.

#2: Five teens travel to a Temple that is said to hold treasure. Their countries don't communicate with one another, but the teens discover strange similarities between them. The Forest is said to be haunted, but they don't notice anything out of the ordinary there. the mysteries build when they reach the Temple and find a large room filled with digital information. Their 'keys' unlock this information and they are faced with their past -- a past which de-mystifies each country's 'religion'. Throughout the rest of their time together, they learn of another people living on another planet who sent their ancestors here. Now the teens must convince their leaders of the truth behind their world -- and help them decide if they want to reestablish contact with the other people or continue on their own.

Okay...those were hard to write, and I'm not sure they're very clear, either. The premise is basically fantasy, but there are elements of science fiction, as well. And the query letter mentioned five POVs (am I insane, or what?) -- so I'll have to write even the new version that way, I'm thinking. Be honest -- is there any hope for this convoluted mess??? what would you do?

Should I post this on Verla's, as well?
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