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Friday Five...

1. Last night, DH swept all my books and writing stuff off the couch...and then didn't even lay down! I told him he married a clutter bug and he's going to have to live with it, and he surprised me by saying, "I know that. But you need to clutter tables and floor, not the couches and chairs." I can do that ;)

2. Today is Friday. 'Nuff said.

3. My to-do list is a bit long. Because of the busy-ness of next week and leaving and all, I have a ton of things to do this weekend. I suggested to DH that he needs to spend LOTS of time with the kiddos because they'll be gone for so many days (and he was gone last weekend). I think he took the hint, so hopefully I'll have a fairly empty/quiet house as my canvas, hehe.

4. The leaves are still glorious. (see below)

5. I'm going on my first hike/jog all week this morning. Monday was too cold (and I'm a wimp); Weds I had places to be too early in the day to squeeze in hike and shower. I'm afraid my body's already forgotten how!

Happy day, my friends!
Across the street

Our yard

Also our yard

Waning moon -- could've been taken by any of us (taken this morning).
Tags: glorious fall
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