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Six days to go...

I bet I'm not the only one thinking that ;). But perhaps my reasoning is different. I'm tired of all the political posturing, tired of hearing both sides go on and on about how his way is the only way. I hear passionate pleas in one place for one candidate; last week, with my extended family and their friends, I heard passionate pleas for the other candidate. I appreciate the zeal, the heart behind the passion; it's a good thing, as long as it doesn't forget that the opposing passion has just as much right to exist -- and can have just as many facts supporting it.

My personal belief is that neither man will do everything that's needed. They each have their strengths; they'll each attack those issues most important to them, and they may -- or may not -- be able to do much. It'll depend on Congress and circumstances which haven't even appeared yet. Unlike a few of the people I hear ranting about their candidates, I'm not worried about the 'other side' winning. No matter who wins, this country has a long way to go.

I read a neat essay this morning by a liberal who realized in her own life that she'd gone too far with her political beliefs -- that she'd forgotten the people behind the placards. She reminded me of how I truly feel: we're all people who want something better for this country. We all have fears and needs and hopes...and if we can't find that common ground amongst ourselves again after the election is over, there won't be much hope for this country.

So that's my hope today -- no matter which man wins, no matter which walks away, I hope we can remember the common ground beneath us, the common dreams and plans...and work together to make our homes, our neighborhoods, our cities and states -- our country -- the strongest it can be. That's my political statement for this election.

HUGS and blessings to all of you!
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