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Brief follow-up to thought...

Thank you so much to everyone who responded to yesterday's post -- I feel so blessed to be a part of a warm and caring writing community like this. A couple of you PM-ed me with info about a couple of the agents I had listed by I guess it's even harder than I thought to make up any kind of list where everyone on it has truly done their darndest to treat everyone with respect and thoughtfulness. And of course, I realize that we are all human...there will be bad days (like the kind I have where my poor kiddos can't step a toe outside the line without hearing about it seriously). And that's life.

But I'm also encouraged by some of the other positive mentions for agents -- they exist, they work hard, and they truly support their clients and potential clients. There's hope! But for all of us still looking, we need to be vigilant and careful. I know I don't hesitate to contact other clients when I'm interested in an agent I know little about -- and I also don't think it hurts to ask any of those whose LJs you read what they've learned over the years -- especially if it's about a specific agent/agency. Information can help us find the best fit for us!
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