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So while LJ was down today, I found myself wandering over to Facebook. I've had no interest in that or MySpace (at all), but after hearing about others' experiences with high school friends, I browsed and found two of my good high school friends there -- so I joined. I don't know if they'll even friend me back (weird), but it was kind of exciting to find them.

I also looked up some of my college friends -- which was also weird. I didn't request to friend any of them. I mean, it's kind of cool to see their pictures, but I wasn't that close to any of them. In fact, I found them in the first place by searching for my college choir conductor (who was a good friend -- as much as a professor can be, I guess). That led me to one of the girls in the choir (women, I suppose) -- and when I checked out her friends, I found a girl (woman) that I actually was friends with. So weird how all those memories came flooding back.

So that's the theme for today: weird. And yeah, if they friend me back (or whatever it's called there), I'll have a whopping two friends, heh. There were a bunch of guys I went to hs with over there -- that's also really weird. One of them became a fairly good letter-friend (because he went to Annapolis Naval Academy) in college. His picture showed him and a little girl -- which is great, because last I'd heard, he was still single and not happy about it. But I'm pretty sure the girl was his daughter, and he looked very happy. I didn't request to friend him.

Probably the reason it's taken me so long to do this is because I know so many people from my high school. Many more than I'd ever planned on knowing -- but DH still has most of the same friends as he did when he was a teen. ACtually, I suppose that isn't true -- he has a few groups of friends: high school buddies, mountain biking buddies, college buddies, and appraising buddies. Many of those groups overlap, of course. He's a true extrovert (even though he's very quiet and can appear shy when he doesn't know people). As an introvert, I only wanted to find one high school friend -- my best friend back then. I think I found her; it wasn't her maiden name, but the picture looked like her (though it was from a distance).


P.S. I'm glad LJ is back -- I was going a little crazy there.

P.P.S. ETA: So, I went on a little friending spree -- it was kind of random, because I'm not totally sure what you're supposed to do on Facebook...wisdom from anyone who knows?
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