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Well, since I don't have an iPod to figure out (hehe), what have I been doing with myself these days? In my life, fall/winter is the time to crochet. There's something about soft, warm yarn that captures my attention -- it's almost an obsession :)

Here are the 3 afghans I've made so far:

(for my parents -- matching the colors in their living room)
(for my friend Liz -- she refused to give me color suggestions because she said she didn't want me to take the time to do this...I made hers first)
(for my friend Linda, who has a material picture with these colors in it...this one makes me the most nervous)

Yesterday we decorated the tree. I was going to post a picture of that too, but if you simply picture your basic Christmas tree, you know what it looks like :)

Last night, it snowed. I tried to get pictures of the peaceful beauty...but my camera didn't do so well in the dark. Close your eyes and picture soft, fluffy flakes drifting to the ground (and about 3 inches of snow already covering everything). There, now you have a picture!

Today, I'm hoping to get a few more chapters written on my newest book -- as I always call them by the MC's name, this one is Ileah.

I even went shopping during Black Friday yesterday -- as my mom said, economically, it was the right move. We did find some good deals too, so that's that :) (And yes, I bought books -- some for my kiddos, one for my dad and another for my FIL -- and 2 for me, hehe. I'm also making my list for 2009 -- I don't care how broke we are, I'm buying a ton of the books coming out!)

Happy last days of November!
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