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Meme fun...

Quick, post the most recent five things which made you smile :)

1. My daughter hugging me and saying (as she does many times a day), "You're my bestest mommy."

2. Getting the mail and seeing so many wonderful cards from friends (like some of you) :D

3. Writing another 2K on my WIP...and finishing my online work for the day.

4. Getting a decent night's sleep (decent meaning almost 7 hours) despite this annoying cough.

5. And the biggest smile today? The steam room...ahhh. You know that commercial about yogurt that calls it 'wrapped in chocolate, wrapped in a gorgeous man' -- or something like that. Anyway, I think that every single time I'm in the steam's like heaven wrapped in a soft, fuzzy blanket, wrapped in chocolate, wrapped in liquid happiness...yeah. I love it -- as brian_ohio always says, would I marry it? Yes, yes, I would.

I tag: brian_ohio, lillpluta, jennifer_d_g, megancrewe, shaelise, and YOU (seriously...I was going to tag myself until de_scribes did it for me. If you're smiling or want to smile, consider yourself tagged!
Tags: meme fun
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