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Honest Scrap...

I've been nominated twice now (authorwithin and coloradowriter) -- so Steph and Joan, I'll do my best :)

What is the Honest Scrap Award? It is an award given to those who tell it like it is. (Which might mean I'm good at whining, hehe.)

I am honored to be nominated . . . but the award comes with certain requirements.

1. You must list ten (10) honest but interesting things about yourself.
2. You must present the award to seven (7) other bloggers.

Here I go -- I'll try not to bore you too badly.

1. I'm not a morning person -- in fact, I'm a huge grouch in the mornings. When my mom and I drove to work together (back in our teaching days), she couldn't believe how surly I could be.

2. When I was in 1st grade, I peed my pants twice -- once after school (while supposedly watering the classroom fern), and once at the school library (tile floor -- couldn't hide that one). Why did I show such lack of control? Because older girls turned out the lights on me in the primary girls bathroom (no windows), and I refused to use it after that...the solution? After the library incident, my teacher got the truth out of me and gave me a special pass to the older girls' bathroom (with windows).

3. I was afraid of the dark until I turned 9 or so -- and since then, I'm the opposite. I can't stand any artificial light in my room at all (and I sleep with a mask over my eyes to block any out) -- even digital clocks bother me (unless they're red). I've been known to put pillows in front of cracks in the door (at hotels) and over blue digital clocks (in other people's homes).

4. I'm a weird sleeper all around -- I didn't sleep through the night until I was in college and I discovered ear plugs. Now I also keep a fan running, wear the ear plugs, and have the aforementioned mask. Yes, I'm a freak :)

5. I never considered myself to be very feminine, although I really wanted to be. I had very short hair throughout school (until college), and that made me feel masculine, I think.

6. Most my heroines tend to be clumsy -- which is because I can be, also. I usually have a bruise somewhere for something extremely clumsy (like shutting my leg in the car door -- which is hard to do, but I manage it -- or like finding the only corner in a room which I can bump against).

7. We stopped eating sugar when I was 8 -- but the only thing I really missed was chocolate. I hate milk and white chocolate, however; dark (the darker the better) is the only way to go. I will pass up almost any sweet thing (except maybe cherry pie) if it doesn't have chocolate in it.

8. I don't really like to be touched...except for my family. I love hugs from my parents and my kiddos -- and especially my husband :) And I enjoy hugging friends (hello or goodbye) -- but when dating, I didn't like it when a guy wanted to hold my hand all the time. It really bugged me!

9. Otoh, my first 'boyfriend' used to give me serious butterflies just by holding my hand. He liked to rub his thumb along mine, and I loved that!

10. I tend to think everything will be good all the time...which is part of why the publishing process is so frustrating (I think it's determined to prove me wrong). I also think that if I can do something, anyone can (which apparently frustrates others a lot) -- I also assume I can do anything ;) Though that's been tested in the past few years, since I can't seem to get a book published!

Okay, I'll tag anyone who wants to play, along with Carrie Jones, Shelly, Jennifer, Tracy, Becca, Jenny, Marybeth. (See, I'm even too lazy today to do usernames, heh).
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