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Good-bye, 2008...

As with everything, we saw challenges and joys in 2008...

...DH's broken right thumb intense personal issue
...many rejections (I won't list them -- just know it's a lot, hehe)
...leading to much writing frustration
...a serious decline in DH's work load
...leading to a serious decline in our personal finances

...trail jogging again (for the first time since before D)
...leading to some lost size (and wearing certain pants again for the first time since before E)
...much time spent with good friends (online and in-person)
...conquering challenges (like DH's clients never suspecting he couldn't write, since I filled in for him)
...a number of requests, including 8 still pending
...three new mss completed; one partial
...a more peaceful and enjoyable Christmas this year
...a couple of busy times in DH's business
...two new online jobs for me (bringing my first contribution to our family income since before kiddos)

...and always learning to enjoy the moment more every day. We have our ups and downs, but overall, 2008 treated us well -- or at least, we found more good than not there :)

Here's to 2009! Of course, I'd love to see my writing dreams come true next year (tomorrow, hehe); we'd love to see a hopeful resolution to the whole independent appraiser challenge; we'd love to be able to stay on this end of town...but no matter what comes, I'm sure it'll bless us in ways we can't even imagine.

Blessings to all of you, my friends!
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