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Day 1...

Don't worry -- I won't number all 365 days of 2009 :) But Day One does get its own, special distinction, right?

So how has our 2009 begun? For DH, pretty good...he got more sleep last night than he has in weeks ;) For the rest of us...well, at least we had fun at the family-style New Year's party last night (at a friends' house) -- but we got home around 10:30, which means the kiddos are a tad tired (and maybe a little cranky) today. I have a migraine -- yep, hormones don't care whether or not it's a new year. So far, however, it's manageable.

I'd love to get some writing in today. I haven't had much writing time these past few weeks with online work and holiday busy-ness. The other night, I outlined (*gasp*) my WIP -- I'm 13K into it, but I'm going to have to start again and rework some of it to fit the storyline rather than just wander hither and thither (which I am prone to do on first drafts). I like the outline, though -- I think it's something I'll really enjoy writing now that I know where it's headed. If I get the first part rewritten today, I might even post a little teaser...*ooooo*.

I think we'll attempt to actually get the house clean today -- now that the decorations are put away (and the tree is down). My parents are coming over for dinner -- a nice start to a new year :)

I hope your first day is a good one, indicative of the joys and accomplishments to come! What are your plans?
Tags: family life, migraine, writing talk
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