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The First Friday Five of 2009...

Yeah, I'm liking this new year stuff a bit much, aren't I?

1. Well, I think it's our turn for technical problems...we had DH's computer dying a couple weeks ago, then our home phones went out (we have T-Mobile home phone service). They sent us a new router, and when I tried to install it yesterday (following their disc instructions), not only did our phones still not work, but now our internet will only work on the computer attached to the modem (which is not my computer, of course). Ai-yi-yi.

2. The migraine lasted all day and kept me from doing any computer work, anyway -- it left in the middle of the night (yay), and along came the euphoria, so I was buzzing (and not sleeping). But I have to say, sleep-deprived or not, just being pain-free is great :)

3. The kiddos are so ready for school again -- oh, wait, maybe that's me :D Three more days.

4. I added 3K to my WIP today -- the silver lining of no internet access (DH was gracious to let me on right now).

5. He's going skiing tomorrow, though, so I get to try and 'fix' the router problem -- *feeble yay*. But Sunday...I'm meeting with other available (the list is dwindling) BB-writers in CO -- *very loud yay*.

Happy weekend!
Tags: family life, migraine
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