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Random thoughts on a Saturday...

* E is going through a new phase. It involves serious whining (all the time), and tons of clinginess. Her auntie L, who was over last night, also mentioned that she's noticed that E is almost desperate to please me, to keep my attention on her. I have to admit, before I had her, I wondered what would be different about the mother-daughter relationship compared to the mother-son's also hard because I know I'm a confident person with a strong personality. E is also strong, I think, but I worry that I'll overshadow her or make her feel like she's not enough...always something to challenge me there, right?

* D has a b-day party today which involves ice skating. I think the parents are insane to even consider this, but their daughter is an only child, and I think they want to make up for that a bit (just a guess). Anyway, there are 40 people coming to this 7-year old's party (ack). DH is skiing today, so I won't be able to stay long (as I'll have E, who can't all).

* I still feel hopeful about our financial situation. DH continues to get orders; we also got an update on the HVCC which claims (according to the Q & A section) that independent appraisers will not have to join various management companies -- which is very good news. There is a cloud, of course: lenders will have to have a panel of appraisers, and they won't be able to choose one from that panel -- so DH's biggest client will no longer be able to use him exclusively...but we'll still get something! Plus, to my surprise, my online work has actually increased (substantially) for this semester (they hinted that it would probably decrease) -- yay! So I'm feeling very thankful right now :)

* Also, something has to happen with writing. It simply must -- nothing can be stagnate forever, and even though I've certainly been improving (one hopes) on my own, I truly believe my career (as it is) must move in a positive direction. I'll keep you apprised :)

I hope your weekend is a good one, friends!
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