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Snowy Monday and a bitter book...

Last night, the wind was howling -- so I suppose we shouldn't have been surprised to wake up to the snow. The bus never made it, so parents had to drive the kids to school -- made more challenging by the regional buses, two of which were blocking parts of two different routes to school. Interesting. We have a lot of hills around here, and cars were stuck all over the place. I have to take E to her piano lessons in a couple of hours -- 30 miles away! But I want to go because it's my brother's birthday (or was yesterday)...he's 39...amazing that my 'little' brother is almost 40!

In other news (hehe), still nothing on the waiting front (except more waiting). No word, good or not. I read a book last night that I didn't really like -- and it's not because it wasn't well-written. It mostly was (I think)...but I didn't like the message the author sent. I know we're not supposed to write with messages necessarily at the forefront, but I do believe that our own outlook on life always ends up coming through (at least, I can usually see it in most books I read). This book -- well, it was kind of bitter. Even though something finally went well for the MC (in a warped kind of way), the whole attitude was a vengeful, bitter one. It troubles me, I must admit, to think that the author truly sees life like that. Hm.

I hear writers talking about how their characters dictate the way the story goes -- and therefore, if they have a bitter character, the story will necessarily have a more bitter feel to it. I suppose that could be -- but I guess I wouldn't want to write a story about a bitter character, unless that character found a way out of it. I think what this book truly lacked, for me, was empathy. The MC couldn't see much past her own pain and suffering (and she had a lot of it) -- and even by the end, she hadn't grown much past that. Perhaps I believe that some stories don't need to be told...what do you think? Why do you think we're attracted to certain types of characters -- is it because of our own world views? Our own belief systems? I tend to think so...and if so, does that mean that stories such as this give us a window into some unresolved anger in the author's heart -- or a generally bitter outlook? I'm curious....
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