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A Sunday on a Three-Day weekend...

Inspired by brian_ohio's post yesterday, I've been dreaming about sunny days in Greece -- or rainy days in Wales, heh. Wouldn't it be amazing to have a writers' vacation where a whole group of us met somewhere and vacationed together (with tons of writing talk)? Yep, now that's a dream!

And it's official: E is getting her six-year molars. Silly me, I'd forgotten they continue to get teeth...D spoiled us. He doesn't even notice his teeth coming in. His six-year molars are only partway in, in fact, and he hasn't complained once. When he got his first four teeth (all within 6 weeks of each other), we didn't realize they were coming in until he bit me ;) E, otoh, was weepy and whiny and feverish for days before the tooth would even begin to poke through. So now, I must admit, I'm thinking to myself, "Man, three more of these???" (At least it's not as worrisome now that I know what's going on.)

I'm such a book geek that my excitement over ALA next weekend is keeping me awake at night. I truly can't wait! Fortunately, it's a busy week with many other exciting things (yeah, how pathetic that the swearing-in of a new president ranks second on my excitement list right now). Also, we register E for Kindergarten -- and find out if full day will truly be free (yes, it's the little things that make my days).

How about you? What other things mark this historic week for you?
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