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Our first winners!...

So, the actual number of books I picked up at ALA was 140 -- 127 books and 13 picture book galleys.

That means our winners are...
annewriter with 142
kellyrfineman with 143
and tied mandyhubbard with 137.

The three of you can e-mail me (reprehn at comcast dot net) with your top choices (and your address) -- Anne can simply list her first choice; Kelly and Mandy list two (if your first choice is Anne's choice, then I'll move to your second -- if that's the same, we'll draw numbers, heh).

The other three books will go back into the pot -- and I'll add them to the prize pile for Friday. Thanks for playing! Don't forget to check back on Friday when we'll have a clue and more books to win :)

Also, if you're enjoying the contest mode, check out authorwithin's newest contest -- very nice!
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