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Friday Five Contest (Anniversary Style)...

Update 2: I have 3 winners, but because there's still a 4th one available, I'll open it up to anyone who hasn't already guessed again -- and next week, after a good suggestion from ravelda, I'll use a random number generator to pool all the correct answers later in the day, so everyone gets a fair chance :).

Yay!! Okay, this might be a long post, so I'll put the explanation first, and then the actual 'five' under a cut.

Every Friday until I can't take it any more find more books to give away, I'm going to try and have this contest. Here are the rules:

1. There are two parts to the contest -- the first part is open to anyone in North America (sorry I don't have enough pennies to send books overseas, btw). The second part is only for the members of debut2009.

2. The first two to get part one correct (in the comments) and the first one to get part two correct (in the comments) win one choice of a book (I'll post the books each week). The comments will be screened, so nothing will be given away this week -- and so the Debs can just leave a comment, like everyone else :)

3. Part One: One of my Friday Five holds hints about one of the books you'll find at debut2009. The hints will not give words from the titles; they will not give a summary of the story. They will refer to key words in the story/summary. They will possibly refer to the author, the cover, title, or theme. Every person gets one guess -- so even if it's a wild one, make it a good one ;)

4. Part Two: Because the Debs will probably recognize (we hope) the books much more quickly, their task is to find all the hints in the clue. I will tell you every week how many deliberate hints I put in place -- and the first Deb to find and list those hints will win. This week, there are seven hints. The first Deb to find at least five wins a book -- but the first Deb to find all seven also wins a book. So if you're the first one and you find all seven, you can have two books :)

5. Here are the books for this week:

1. Yes, today is C’s and my 9th wedding anniversary. We were married at the top of a mountain, with snow on the ground and the sun in the sky. So that makes me remember…
2. Where it all began – which was probably in high school. Kind of. Of course, C played football and hung with the jocks. I was a geek and sang in the choir – not exactly good chances to meet :D It didn’t help that I went to one quarter of one football game during my entire high school career. And that was during my junior year, so C didn’t even play (I’m guessing). He shouldn’t feel bad, however…
3. Sporting events I attended (in case you’re watching the points): basketball (maybe two games); swimming (zero meets); hockey (zero, even though I had a friend who played and was the captain); soccer (okay, a bunch, but I always read a book while I sat in the almost-empty stands – one of my best friends was on the guys’ soccer team); tennis (another bunch, but that’s because my brother played and I liked to watch him); baseball (maybe two games – I had a crush on the catcher). I liked the soulful, quiet, introspective types – C was a little rowdy for me. I did not, however, dress goth-like – I was too square for that…
4. So you might be wondering, how did we meet, anyway? Well, it took college and some mutual friends. However, our mutual friends claim to this day that they weren’t actually mutual – C says he joined us for Uno one night because L invited him (they had French together); L says she’d never actually talked to him before and M must have invited him; M insists he didn’t know C until I introduced them…so yeah, it’s a mystery…
5. But happen, it did. And I knew from the first time we talked that he was someone special. I didn’t know, of course, that it would take another decade before I could get him to notice me romantically – but it all worked out in the end  We had our first phone conversation in March, 1998…and were married just under two years later. I think C has finally gotten over the shock of it all – here we are!

(A picture of the last page of our second wedding album, so not the greatest quality -- my coat was for the temps: 35 degrees.)

Good luck! I'll check back in a couple of hours -- I bet we'll have our winners by then!
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