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We have all four winners :) The answer is Waiting to Score, by J.E. MacLeod (jgurtler.

Here's the clue, with the hints bolded:

3. Sporting events I attended (in case you’re watching the points): basketball (maybe two games); swimming (zero meets); hockey (zero, even though I had a friend who played and was the captain); soccer (okay, a bunch, but I always read a book while I sat in the almost-empty stands – one of my best friends was on the guys’ soccer team); tennis (another bunch, but that’s because my brother played and I liked to watch him); baseball (maybe two games – I had a crush on the catcher). I liked the soulful, quiet, introspective types – C was a little rowdy for me. I did not, however, dress goth-like – I was too square for that…

Between megan_crewe and ravelda, all but one clue was found (my brother). I have to say, I'm impressed with Karen's answer -- she hasn't read the book yet (as far as I know), and she still got many of the clues simply through the blurb :) But in Janet's book, Zach is a hockey player who meets Janey (the hockey captain's sister) during practices (where she reads a book); she dresses like a goth-girl; Zach appears rowdy but is actually soulful and introspective -- and of course, as Karen pointed out, I kept track of 'the points' (or the score).

Don't forget, next week there will be another contest, and another chance -- and also, for a couple of you oh-so-close guessers: I never use any words from the titles in my hints ;) The most-often guessed book this week was Match Made in High School, and since I used 'high school' all over the place...yeah :) Thanks for playing -- I'm having fun (I hope you are too)!
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