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Friday Five Contest, Valentine's Day...

So today's version will all center around Valentine's Day -- but remember, this doesn't mean the book had anything to do with Valentine's Day. Also, remember that I won't mention any words from the title as part of the clue; and only one of the five will be the clue with the hints (there are 6 hints today).

Oh, and the other new feature, again thanks to Karen, I'm putting a time limit on the contest (until 1:00 p.m. MST); then I'll take all the correct answers and draw two names from the Debs and two from the non-Debs. Good luck!

Here are the books you could win today (or, as I always say, if you have a wishlist and it's something I have and am not keeping, it doesn't hurt to ask):

1. There are two parts to the contest -- the first part is open to anyone in North America (sorry I don't have enough pennies to send books overseas, btw). The second part is only for the members of debut2009.

2. There will be two Debs winners and two non-Debs winners. The comments will be screened, so nothing will be given away this week -- and so the Debs can just leave a comment, like everyone else :)

3. Part One: One of my Friday Five holds hints about one of the books you'll find at debut2009. The hints will not give words from the titles; they will not give a summary of the story. They will refer to key words in the story/summary. They will possibly refer to the author, the cover, title, or theme. Every person gets one guess -- so even if it's a wild one, make it a good one ;)

4. Part Two: Because the Debs will probably recognize (we hope) the books much more quickly, their task is to find all the hints in the clue. I will tell you every week how many deliberate hints I put in place -- and the first Deb to find and list those hints will win. This week, there are six hints. I'll take those who get only four hints -- BUT, if you can find all six, I'll put your name in twice ;)

1. My least favorite Valentine’s Day happened while I was student teaching. I had a boyfriend (who wasn’t exactly romantic) – but he wasn’t the problem. I happened to be performing in the musical Fiddler on the Roof at the time. I was Chava. My counterpart, Fyedka, was played by this guy who, for some reason, decided I was the girl for him. It didn’t matter that I had a boyfriend – or even that I wasn’t remotely interested. All that mattered was that he thought we should be together. So on that particular Val’s Day, he had flowers and balloons delivered to my classroom (my very first classroom, I might add). The kids got all excited; it totally disrupted class; and then I didn’t know how to explain that he wasn’t even my boyfriend...I was NOT HAPPY.

2. My best Val’s Day is probably the first one DH and I had together. He gave me a sleeping bag and a backpack so we could go camping and hiking together. Ironically, we never did backpack together. Well, we did before he gave me the pack...and I used this old one of mine which didn’t really work. Plus, it was during a blizzard, and...okay, not part of this story, hehe. Anyway, this was the Val’s Day where he told me he wanted to marry me. It only took another seven months and a panic attack (which he thought was a heart attack) to get him to propose ;).

3. As a kid, Val’s Day was all about clues. My mom would give us a treasure hunt every year with clues written on hearts. (She also did this for Easter.) Eventually, once we solved all the clues, we’d find the prize, which was usually a small stuffed animal or a carob heart (because we didn’t eat chocolate – yes, probably why I have mental problems today, hehe).

4. When I was a teenager, Val’s Day was hard. I seldom had a boyfriend – and I think I only had one during the holiday until I was in college. It might have been the sarcasm or maybe the touch-me-not vibe DH swears I gave off. I had one boy who liked to trade pranks, but I wasn’t as clever as he, and I think he got bored. Sometimes I thought about joining the Chess club – or the Scrabble club (more my speed) to meet guys. But I never did. In college, it was the week after Val’s Day that my soon-to-be-boyfriend and I went on a, we wandered. He thought it was a walk, but I didn’t really have a destination in mind (other than landing a date). Strange how these things turn out – my cousin Jonathan, who always had more Val’s Day dates than anyone else I knew, is still single today. Game, set...well, you know how it goes!

5. Now that I’m married, Val’s Day is more about the kiddos and their fun. I try to make their gifts every year. They’ve gotten blankets, pillows, trinkets – and this year, it’ll be t-shirts and scarves. DH is getting the pleasure of my company (ha) and not much else. Hopefully, he’ll get me some chocolate. We’re going out as a family that afternoon – and we’ll probably watch a movie or something that evening. What about you?
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