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Friday Five Contest, Movie Style...

It's amazing how February, the shortest month, always seems to drag so much. I feel like it's been February forever :) So today, the Friday Five Contest will focus on movies, one of my choices for escapism.

Here are some books for this week's prize:

1. There are two parts to the contest -- the first part is open to anyone in North America (sorry I don't have enough pennies to send books overseas, btw). The second part is only for the members of debut2009.

2. There will be two Debs winners and two non-Debs winners. The comments will be screened, and the time limit is until 1:00 p.m. MST. I'll put all the names for the winners in the hat and draw four, two debs, and two non-debs. If you've already won, don't hesitate to try again this week -- if there are only four who get the right answer and you're one of them, you get another book :)

3. Part One: One of my Friday Five holds hints about one of the books you'll find at debut2009. The hints will not give words from the titles; they will not give a summary of the story. They will refer to key words in the story/summary. They will possibly refer to the author, the cover, title, or theme. Every person gets one guess -- so even if it's a wild one, make it a good one ;)

4. Part Two: Because the Debs will probably recognize (we hope) the books much more quickly, their task is to find all the hints in the clue. I will tell you every week how many deliberate hints I put in place -- and the first Deb to find and list those hints will win. This week, there are six hints. I'll take those who get only four hints -- BUT, if you can find all six, I'll put your name in twice ;)

Some of my favorite movies:
1. It’s hard to choose between my favorite Jane Austen movies, because it definitely depends on my mood. So, since it’s my list, I’ll include my top three, along with the mood. Pride & Prejudice for those romantic moments (and when I need to swoon over both the beauty of the countryside and Matthew McFadyen); Sense & Sensibility for when I’m tired or out of sorts (something about watching the sisters finally discover their dreams always cheers me up); and Persuasion (because I love the loyalty, hope rewarded, and true-to-book tone).

2. The Man From Snowy River was the first movie I loved – so it wins the ‘first-love’ award. I actually went and saw this twice in the theater, and that was back in the day when no one went to movies more than once. My friends and I would get together and quote the movie to each other – we all had huge crushes on Tom Burlinson. And I desperately wanted to visit Australia (until I learned that Australia holds more poisonous insects and creepy creatures than anywhere else in the world, other than Madagascar).

3. I can’t possibly leave out the Harry Potter movies. Even though the books are better, when I’m in full-fledged HP mode, I’ll watch the movies. There’s something about them which makes me want to curl up with hot chocolate (or a crocheting project) and let my imagination fly. My favorite movie so far is probably #4, even though they left out so much (they kind of have to, don’t they?). I’m definitely looking forward to #6 in July...counting the days, really.

4. It’s probably a tie for the most recent movie love. Both Iron Man and Frost/Nixon had me riveted. Of course, Iron Man was also very humorous and I always enjoy laughing. But Frost/Nixon was powerful, imo. It portrayed such a deeply human person, someone who had the strength, the pride, and the immense frailty possible to us all. In fact, both of the main characters illustrated so many qualities. It reminds me of my reaction to Quiz Show, the first time I saw that (and that’s also another movie I love).

5. Lastly, my newest movie-genre love: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and those following it. I think the movies have taken an interesting journey since the first one – they began with the not-quite-happy-ending-but-still-fairy-tale atmosphere; the last one, The Curse of the Golden Flowers, drifted away from that, in my opinion. My favorite of the group is The House of the Flying Daggers. I love the intrigue, the romantic tension (where a girl loves a boy who loves a different girl who is betrothed to someone else), and of course, the visual imagery. Personally, one nice aspect for me is the mind-reading element to that one and to Hero – and all of them hint at reincarnation and past lives.

Good luck and happy Friday!
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