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The Winners...

So this one was clearly a little tough...oops. I wondered when I wrote it. But there are still two more weeks of contests, and I'll do my best to make them a little easier :)

Huge kudos to the winners: boreal_owl, authorwithin, and ravelda. They were the only three to guess the correct book. And what is that book? Silver Phoenix, by Cindy Pon.

The hints:
5. Lastly, my newest movie-genre love: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and those following it. I think the movies have taken an interesting journey since the first one – they began with the not-quite-happy-ending-but-still-fairy-tale atmosphere; the last one, The Curse of the Golden Flowers, drifted away from that, in my opinion. My favorite of the group is The House of the Flying Daggers. I love the intrigue, the romantic tension (where a girl loves a boy who loves a different girl who is betrothed to someone else), and of course, the visual imagery. Personally, one nice aspect for me is the mind-reading element to that one and to Hero – and all of them hint at reincarnation and past lives.

Actually, the whole clue was a hint too -- since Cindy's book is very much like the movies in feel :) But in the book, Ai Ling takes a journey; the ending is realistic but not sappy happy; there's romantic intrigue; Pon is Cindy's last name; and there's mind-reading and hints at reincarnation.

Yeah, this was a tough one, and none of the Debs got it right -- but Karen guessed most of the clues simply by reading the blurb on the Debs' page (which, of course, was my intent) -- so woo-hoo, winners! And, to sweeten the pot, if you're interested in Cindy's book, I'll add that to the possible prizes this week. The three of you can PM/e-mail me with your top two choices -- and a number between 1 and 10 (in case you all want the same book). Thanks for playing, everyone!

Btw, to everyone else who guessed PRADA & PREJUDICE, the hint that it wasn't that one is that I used 'prejudice' in #1 -- and no words from the titles are ever in the hints.
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