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I spent most of Saturday (and a while yesterday) working on my online projects. The good news is that I earned a fair amount of money (yay) -- the not-so-good news is that I'm burned out ;) Oops. And it makes me think, yet again, of the ever-elusive balance.

I love being productive -- though I also enjoy just relaxing. But with all the reading and 'relaxing' I've done in the past few weeks, I had this burning need to accomplish something, something big. So I sat and worked and worked...and by last night, my brain was mush, and I wished I'd spent a little more time having fun, truth be told. Because now I have to wait for next weekend before I'll have any time to myself...and that's seeming far, far away.

Don't you wish we all had one of those 'easy' buttons for balance? When we're feeling like something is off in our lives, we could just push it and the answer would instantly appear? Anyway, today, that's my goal: find the balance. I will work a little; I will relax a little; I will work out a little (heh); I will get a new office chair (just had to throw that one in -- all the work made me realize how bad my chair is for my back). Oh, and I will NOT spend all the money I just made, heh. (Isn't that so tempting, btw? I'm not a huge spender, but this month I will make more money than I've made since I was teaching, and it's tempting to get a laptop or a new camera...but no. I'm going to find that balance -- I'll get an office chair, and leave it at that.)

Wishes for balance for all of you today too -- and I'd love to hear your secrets on achieving that balance, as well!
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