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Robin's Meme...

The wind is back, and although I'm loving how clear and gorgeous everything is when the air is fresh and wind-blown, the lack of sleep at night is tough. Sooooo, I figured I'd put my restless (tired) energy to another task -- coming up with my own version of a meme. Here it is.

Which five book characters are you most like (including, if you want, one of your own)?

1. I definitely have some Hermione in me. Especially when I was a kid, I was the one who wanted to have all the answers in school (and often did); I also couldn't keep my mouth shut and upset people here and there with my know-it-all-ness.(Edited to fix spelling -- yeesh!)

2. While Kel is my favorite of Tammy Pierce's heroines, I'm probably more like Alanna...I don't have a huge temper, but when I get upset, it's usually angry/irritated upset, rather than patience or sadness. Plus, I like to be in control (shocking, I know).

3. Similarly, I adored Vicki and Meg amongst Madeliene L'Engle's characters, but I'm probably more like Suzy or Poli: impatient, with things coming pretty easy most of my life.

4. I think I also have some Anne Shirley in me -- the chattiness (as my dad would definitely agree to), and the dreaminess...and also the practicality and desire to fix things for people, even if it's not fixable.

5. And among my own characters?...I'm probably the most like Ev or Ileah (the current). But my favorite of those characters is Andra (who may never see the light of day) or Luona (who I'm nothing like).

And you? I tag authorwithin, carriejones, marybethkelsey, megan_crewe, shaelise, boreal_owl, lizjonesbooks, kim_baccellia, lefalcone, soniag, and ravelda.
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