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Friday Five Contest (Hurry Spring Style)...(Hints added)

This is my next-to-last (or penultimate)contest...(I hope I spelled that right, heh). Today's topic is Hurry Up, Spring!

1. There are two parts to the contest -- the first part is open to anyone in North America (sorry I don't have enough pennies to send books overseas, btw). The second part is only for the members of debut2009.

2. There will be two Debs winners and two non-Debs winners. The comments will be screened, and the time limit is until 1:00 p.m. MST. I'll put all the names for the winners in the hat and draw four, two debs, and two non-debs. If you've already won, don't hesitate to try again this week -- if there are only four who get the right answer and you're one of them, you get another book :)

3. Part One: One of my Friday Five holds hints about one of the books you'll find at debut2009. The hints will not give words from the titles; they will not give a summary of the story. They will refer to key words in the story/summary. They will possibly refer to the author, the cover, title, or theme. Every person gets one guess -- so even if it's a wild one, make it a good one ;)

4. Part Two: Because the Debs will probably recognize (we hope) the books much more quickly, their task is to find all the hints in the clue. I will tell you every week how many deliberate hints I put in place -- and the first Deb to find and list those hints will win. This week, there are six hints. I'll take those who get only four hints -- BUT, if you can find all six, I'll put your name in twice ;)

5. Because I have so many books right now, I'll send the winners a list to choose from, rather than post a pic :)

I think I made this way too hard, so I'm adding a couple of hints (and even those who already guessed can guess again): 1) The clue is #1; 2) There's something strongly relating to the author's name. Still have two winners to I'll leave it open for a while longer :)

1. Autumn has always been my favorite time of the year, but this year, with the wind and the ridiculously slooooow February, I'm ready for spring (but not trading loyalties -- don't worry, fall). The kiddos are too. D, of course, is already planning his birthday party (which doesn't arrive until the end of April); E wants me to fill up our little baby pool (when it's only fifty degrees out). They're both ready to soak up the sun, eat some summer fruit (E's favorite is peaches; D's is strawberries), and spend some time in that fresh air (and go to the zoo with Uncle David). Around here, daffodils and tulips are the first flowers to bloom and announce the change...just like the flowering trees which hum with the presence of bees and their pollen-seeking...and love fills the air, of course (love of nature, love of people, love, love, love).

2. A few years ago, we wandered up to Boulder and enjoyed all the tuplips there. I took tons of pix of the colorful flowers, and the kiddos complained (heh). It was very warm that year, and I have pix of their rosy cheeks and summer-time outfits for our day out. But I think I'll try it again this year -- at least with Ellie. There's something about all those flowers, swaying in the breeze...

3. My favorite part of spring around here are the flowering trees. They come in whites and pinks (and rosy pinks) -- and wow, they are stunning. On the Western Slope of CO, the lilacs were strong. But out here, we don't always see those as much, though there are lilac bushes around. Pussy willows also pop up, and we even have a small pussy willow bush in our back yard. But because of the aspen trees (which steal all the water), none of our bushes do that well, so I'm not sure the kiddos know what pussy willows are.

4. I always see May as yellow. Not every month has a color for me, but May definitely does -- it's a bright yellow, like summer yellow. As someone who's taught or been a student most of my life, May always signifies the end of the school year and the beginning of summer (even though we're still a month away, technically speaking). May is the month DH and I first went on an official date (we went hiking). May is when the hills are actually green and the trees begin to show their feathers. But it's also a long month, for some reason, even though Mother's Day helps, hehe.

5. Spring is a tricky season, I think. In CO, you never know if it'll actually be warm or not. March and April tend to be the snowiest months in the mountains (and DH is certainly hoping for that, as February has been ultra-dry this year). Down here, our weather goes from sunny and slightly breezy to icy cold at the drop of the hat...and of course, there are always the wonderful chinook winds (sigh). At least, by the end of spring, those winds should be warm instead of frigid.
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