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The Winners...

Yep, I made this one a little hard, didn't I? Sorry about that -- I was horribly rushed this morning. D didn't get much sleep last night (but didn't wake us up, for which I'm grateful. There wasn't anything we could do for him, sadly); he wanted to go to school anyway, but it took a while to come to that decision. So I wrote this very quickly, and I didn't do the best job.

Anyway, three of you figured it out, regardless -- Wings, by Aprilynne Pike.

1. Autumn has always been my favorite time of the year, but this year, with the wind and the ridiculously slooooow February, I'm ready for spring (but not trading loyalties -- don't worry, fall). The kiddos are too. D, of course, is already planning his birthday party (which doesn't arrive until the end of April); E wants me to fill up our little baby pool (when it's only fifty degrees out). They're both ready to soak up the sun, eat some summer fruit (E's favorite is peaches; D's is strawberries), and spend some time in that fresh air (and go to the zoo with Uncle David). Around here, daffodils and tulips are the first flowers to bloom and announce the change...just like the flowering trees which hum with the presence of bees and their pollen-seeking...and love fills the air, of course (love of nature, love of people, love, love, love).

It was hard because the description (other than faeries and portals) was a little generic; most of these clues you'd only guess if you'd read the book. But Aprilynne's name is in there (kind of), and as a couple of you got, I hint at Laurel's name (flowering tree) and mention her human attraction (David). Her favorite food is peaches, and, of course, much of the story is about blooming and pollen and love and loyalties :) Also, Laurel is an autumn faery...but again, you have to read it to know that.

Okay, winners (ravelda, authorwithin, and shaelise), I will e-mail/PM you with the list of possible books. You can choose your top two :) Thanks for playing! Next week, I promise I'll make it easier (except, don't I say that every week? Maybe it's too hard for me to make it easy....)
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