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How to turn a tough morning into a good day...

The scene at our house this morning:

D (in tears): My shoe won't get tight enough.
Me: You mean it falls off when you walk?
D: No, but I'm afraid it will.
Me: *rubs head* -- headache has moved to the left side now -- ...
*a few minutes later*
D: I can't see when I'm putting on my sweatshirt.
Me: *dragging him across the lawn* I'm guiding you.
D (in tears again): I'm all puffy!
Me: *snorts*
D: *head-butting me in stomach*: Mommeeee! I'm going to have a horrible day -- I can tell!

Sadly, this is all too typical (aside from the headache which won't go away). But I've decided on a new philosophy for D (and me) -- when it's a tough morning, we've gotten all the frustrating parts of life out of the way, clearing a path for the rest of the day to flow smoothly.

That's my story, and I'm going to attempt to stick to it :) Hope your day goes well, my friends, regardless of too-loose shoes and puffy sweatshirts...and annoying headaches. :)
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