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The Winners...

Thanks for playing! Some of the guesses were interesting, and, as you'll notice below, one of you guessed a different title for one clue, but I agree that it fits -- so you got your name in the hat -- and won :)

Here are the 'answers':
1. This is What I Want to Tell You - twins, tats
2. Shrinking Violet - DJ intern
3. Fairy Tale - stay human
This is the one which could also fit The Forest of Hands and Teeth
4. As You Wish - Viola's jinn
5. Flash Burnout - life photo
6. You Are So Undead to Me - zombie homecoming
7. Faery Rebels - forbidden friendship
8. Give Up the Ghost - ghostly revenge
*I had a couple people guess this as Shadowed Summer...since I've read the book, I know that the two-word clue doesn't totally fit it, so I'm taking game-maker perogative to say the best match is GUtG.
9. 20-Boy Summer - life-altering secret
10. Winnie's War - Spanish influenza
11. Prada & Prejudice - duke heels
12. The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z - laughing leaves

And the winners...*drum roll*...
shanasilver, megancrewe (the only Deb winner this time), jessica_shea, and fandoria. I will e-mail/PM each of you with my list of books and we'll go from there.

Thanks, everyone -- and have a great weekend!! :)
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