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What About Me Meme...

Here are the rules. If you comment on this entry I will reply with 5 subjects/things/people/whatever that I associate with you. You then have to take those five, create a new post, elaborate on them and keep it going.

authorwithin called this a 'procrastination' meme -- and I'm all for procrastination :)

Here's what she said about me:

Generosity - My mom used to say that I was generous to a fault with friends and family -- and not so much at all with those I don't know ;) I'd say I'm generous with friends, family, and community (like the writing community or D's school community) -- but I've definitely learned how to say no.

Compassionate friendship - I feel so very blessed by all my friends -- I hope I can offer some of that in return!

"Real" Characters - As I write, I tend to 'see' the scene in my mind, unfolding before me. I write down their actions and try to give insight into why they do what they do...I don't know if this makes for 'real' characters or not :)

Inspiration - I find inspiration in a number of places -- my family/friends, nature, books, music...I definitely try to share it whenever I can.

Perseverance - Who doesn't perservere in this business? :) Keep on keeping on, I guess. I can perservere at things when I love what I do -- not so much with things I hate.

Okay, if anyone wants a meme on a sleepy Sunday, comment below :)
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