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Friday Five...

1. Well, we ended up with over two feet of snow piled on cars and on our deck, and drifting close to 3 feet in places. I guess the weathermen actually were right, for once.

2. My SIL is in town (she was here for the last serious blizzard, as well, in 2006). DH and the kiddos went to fetch her last night (after she spent most of the day on the highway, sitting and waiting for cars to move). When they got home, E started crying and wouldn't she's fine this morning, we're guessing she just completely overdid it yesterday (playing in the snow for close to two hours).

3. I finished my online work and even managed to add another 1100 words to Ileah -- it ended up being a productive day, even with all the interruptions.

4. The sun is out, and everything is so quiet and white. We were 27 inches behind in snow this year (down here); I'm thinking we pretty much made up for it in one storm -- though I think they take the totals from DIA (and they didn't get nearly as much snow out east, from what I hear).

5. I have so much buzzing around in my brain -- not only wishes to continue revising, but tons of ideas about the new business DH and I are attempting to get going. It wakes me up in the morning, and then there's no chance of getting back to do you slow down your brain?

Happy Friday, all!
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