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Thankful for...

In the style of various gurus who say learning how to be thankful for whatever is currently frustrating you, here's my attempt at thankfulness...for my computer ;)

Now truly, I am very grateful for all the amazing progress in technology. And I've been very fortunate that my computer(s) have mostly held up. But man, when they start falling apart, it's the most frustrating thing. Right now, my computer is on its last legs (so to speak). DH and I have a plan -- we'll get a new computer; he'll get all his stuff off his computer and do a system restore; I'll get everything off my sloooooow computer; he'll put his stuff on the new one, and I'll start using his old one. I'm just not sure if I can wait until he has time to get his stuff off there.

Mine is working, except that it can't multi-task at all. So if I'm getting e-mail or if the system has to do some kind of security sweep...everything. stops. and. I. wait...and...wait...and...wait...some...more.

By the time I finished my work yesterday evening (at 6:40), my entire back was filled with tension.

BUT, the point is...yes, I'm thankful for computers. And even my computer, at this moment.

What kinds of things are causing you this kind of gratitude?
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