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Oops, no Tolle Tuesday today...

I've been running around all day and just now got home (barely in time to see D in after his bus). It's my mom's birthday today -- she's one of a handful of people I know whose birthdays are on Cinco de Mayo. I spent a good part of today over at her house, working on her computer (we gave my old tower to her, because as slow as mine is, hers was much worse!). Now she has internet for the first time in years -- I hope it's fun for her (rather than overwhelming).

Her old computer is such a mess that I couldn't transfer any files (I've been using Tornado -- if you ever need to transfer files from one computer to another, it's definitely worth its low cost). I know it's her computer's problem (it didn't work) because it worked all weekend long between the three computers at our house.

I just ran and took pictures of some red tulips. They're so beautiful right now! If they turn out, I'll post a couple (and I might change my border up top to them, as well).

Happy Tuesday!
Tags: teh busyness
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