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Middlings on kindred spirits...

When I was in elementary school, I had a few school friends and one good 'church' friend (a boy). I remember considering the church friend my 'best' friend, yet we never talked much. In fact, even as we grew older, I knew little more about him than the surface-y things...I knew some of his basic likes and dislikes, and I certainly knew how he acted in various situations; but I didn't know much about his hopes and dreams -- and he certainly didn't know mine.

In junior high, I became aware of this longing for a kindred spirit. Of course, I've always loved Anne Shirley, so I had an example of what I wanted...but I didn't find it. Not in junior high or high school. I had a variety of friends, some even 'good' friends -- but no one with whom I could share my heart and soul.

As a senior, I met a girl (we were partners in an Astronomy class), and during our adventures with a telescope, we bonded. We impulsively decided to room together at CU (very impulsively) -- and in her, I found my first kindred spirit. We were closer than sisters, it seemed -- we did everything together. Our friendship grew throughout college. Even after college, we were close for a few years. But various things (mostly just growing into the people we are now) pulled us apart a bit.

She's the woman who recently won her battle with breast cancer -- so we're still friends. We talk on the phone, we get our kiddos together. We have a comfortable friendship, the type which has seen all kinds of storms.

Today, though, when I consider the kindred spirits in my life, usually she's not on the list (well, she is because of our past together) -- but I consider myself so incredibly blessed to have more than one kindred spirit in my life. There are writing KS's (like Jennifer jennifer_d_g and Shelly shaelise) who have also become close friends in other ways; there's my mom, who is very much a kindred spirit and someone with whom I can share anything; and there are my girlfriends -- Linda, Liz, and Paula. Each of them is a kindred spirit in one way or another...with Liz probably being my closest girlfriend, at the moment. (And I've have to say that my husband is also a kindred spirit...though it's different with guys, of course.)

One of the things I love about growing older is this understanding that comes as we look back on our lives and see how everything really has come together in the best possible way for us -- for me, I've seen that my longing for a bosom friend, for that perfect kindred spirit, was fulfilled in different ways by different people throughout my life. I'm very blessed, without a doubt!

Friends are like flowers (nice segue, right?):

...they fill our lives with rich color, beautiful fragrance, and ever-changing loveliness (though each year, it can be slightly different).

I hope all the 'flowers' in your life bless you today :) (just as all of you have so richly blessed me, I might add!)
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