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Friday Five...

1. Today was E's field day -- which was mostly entertaining, I think ;) The kids did a variety of activities, including a sack race (the sacks were bigger than half the kids). It was fun, and I think E had a great time (she was certainly excited enough).

2. I finished up one of my online jobs yesterday -- hopefully it will resume in the fall, but until then, I have more time. Maybe now I'll actually be able to complete some writing!

3. We're going to see Star Trek tomorrow -- yay!!

4. Life is still busy -- maybe it's something that has to happen as we get older (or maybe it's the end-of-spring-almost-summer push)...I'd love to be able to find two or three more hours a day for stuff, you know?

5. To help out goadingthepen, check out m_stiefvater's LJ for contest details about her new book, Shiver. There's a whole list of stuff I'm supposed to put here, but I am supremely lazy...however, her book is up for pre-order on Amazon!

Happy Mother's Day (and happy weekend)!
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