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Middlings on summer vacation...

Yep, it's here (as of 45 minutes ago) -- summer vacation! As we got ready to leave each school, parents were clumped together, looking for ideas and ways to get kids together. Of course, I've mentioned before that I'm not big on playdates -- so I kind of slip away during those conversations.

But I have to admit I'm kind of excited about summer vacation. I'm a planner -- I prefer planning to executing the plans (typically). I got a bunch of crafts a couple months ago, and I'm looking forward to our craft days each week. I'm also going to have a cleaning day each week (where we tackle a different area of the house to organize and clean -- kind of an extended spring cleaning) and a 'school' day (where they'll work for a while in various workbooks to keep their minds moving). The reading program at the library is another good plan (it starts on Monday); and I'm going to read Harry Potter aloud (book one) -- maybe starting this weekend.

We have a standing playdate with a friend of mine and her daughter (yes, it truly is a playdate for adults, heh) which will take up another day of the week; and our camping friends also like to get together mid-week now and then. I think we're full! VBS runs the last week in June (yay), and we have a local water park which is on the expensive side -- BUT, since the appraisal business is going pretty darn good right now, I'm setting aside enough extra to go five or six times this summer.

How about you? If you're at home with the kiddos, how do you keep them active and busy without losing your mind?
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