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Friday Five...

1. Don't you love when you get absolutely brilliant ideas right as you're falling asleep? That was me last had nothing to do with writing, but it might solve a dicey situation with family stuff.

2. I have my next (3rd) acupuncture appointment today -- I missed the last one (because my cycle didn't cooperate), and I'll be curious to see what kind of help this one offers.

3. I placed a hold on COLUMBINE by a local journalist -- one of over a hundred holds on this nonfiction book. I just got word that it's in -- yay! I know people who went to Columbine (before and after the shooting) -- it'll be hard to read, I'm sure, but I have this compulsion to do so.

4. Niko has gotten much better at night -- he no longer wakes us up early in the morning...well, usually not earlier than 6! But we'll just put him out of our room if he does that and go back to sleep (I love this aspect of summer break).

5. We had a fun afternoon with a good friend and her daughter yesterday at the pool. The kids completely wore themselves out and slept around 11 hours last night -- success!

Have a great weekend, all!
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