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Tolle Tuesday...

Inspired by kellyrfineman and her collection of wonderful verbs, I give you my version of "To Tolle":

1) to enable the divine purpose of the universe (The Power of Now)
2) to find joy in being, not in things and conditions (The Power of Now)
3) to no longer seek to find yourself in attachment to things (A New Earth)
4) to find the goodness that is already within you and allow it to emerge (A New Earth)
5) to meet everyone and everything through stillness rather than mental noise (unsourced)

My reaction to these?
  • Joy is being is a wonderful idea, and I strive to relax and let life be.
  • It's so hard to let go of the 'attachment to things' idea...our entire society is so wrapped up in accumulation. This is a challenge for me.
  • I'd love to convince D of his inate goodness -- he's very hard on himself. This is one of those times that I'm especially thankful we don't belong to the church -- the emphasis on man's sinfulness is over-stressed for kids like D, imo. I definitely believe we all have the ability to sin, and that it comes more naturally, often, than being 'good'. But I also believe we do have goodness within, and that the trick is learning to let it out...interesting thoughts.
  • I like the idea of letting other people be. Rather than me forcing my impressions upon them, just let them be...whew, I wish I was better at that!

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